23 Mar, 2010

Audiovisual Media and Identity in Southeastern Europe

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Conference in Wittenberg (Germany), Stiftung LEUCOREA

8. bis 10. April 2010

The conference „Audiovisual Media and Identity in Southeastern Europe“ is a first attempt to find an alternative to text-based scholarly approaches to the issue of identity in Southeastern Europe, to break the medial one-dimensionality dictated by textuality and shift the focus to the aural and visual dimensions of identity.

Identity in Southeastern Europe will be examined by means of its media of communication, specifically that of the photographic image and the sound recording. Brought to a point, the primary issue is one of how people perceive themselves and their environment on the basis of communication media, or, as Kelly Askew put it in her introduction to anthropology of media, the question is one of “what meanings people construct out of mass mediated images and sounds.”

Von TINYA Autoren

Conference Program

08. April 2010

Greeting and Keynote 18:00-19:30

Prof. Dr. Gretel Schwörer-Kohl, Halle

Prof. Dr. Angela Richter, Halle

Prof. Dr. Nicola Scaldaferri, Milan: Keynote Address

09. April 2010

Session 1. 9:00 -10:30 History of Photography in SEE

Christian Marchetti, Tübingen: Volkskundliche Bilder aus dem Südosten

Prof. Jean-Paul Champseix, Paris: The prohibited modernity – Social Realism and Propaganda Photography

Session 2. 10:45 -13:00 History of Sound in SEE

Prof. Dr. Sokol Shupo, Tirana: Strategies of Banning and Promoting Folklore and Classical Music in Communist Albania

Dr. Ana Hofman, Ljubljana: Performing the Traditional Folklore: Micronarratives of Socialist Folklorization

Dr. Veselka Toncheva, Sofia: Bulgarische Volksmusik im Nationalen Fernsehen – audiovisuelle Formen der Identitätskonstruktion

Session 3. 14:00 -16:15 Approaches to the Visual in SEE

Antonio Maria Pusceddu, Cagliari: Capturing War in Images: On local photo-exhibitions in Northern Greece

Daniel Suber PhD, Slobodan Karamanic, Konstanz: The Visual between Norm and Excess: Everyday life modes of Cultural Transmission in Post-Socialist Serbia

Nela Milic, London: Balkanizing Taxonomies

Session 4.16:30 -18:00 Staging Sound in the Mediterranean

Prof. Dr. Bernard Lortat-Jacob, Paris: The feast as musical contest : some specific situations in Morocco, Sardinia, Romania and Albania

Prof. Dr. Panos Panopoulos, Mytilini: Noisy images, Colorful sounds: Representing the senses of the carnival body

Preview Film Premiere: “Skyros Carnival” (2010) by Steven Feld

Films and discussion:


Albania-Greece: “Chant du pays perdu” (Song of the lost country) (2006) by Bernard Lortat-Jacob and Helene Delaporte

Bulgaria: “Pisanata Bulka” (The painted bride) (2008) by Veselka Toncheva

Italy: “Vjesh/Canto” (Song) (2007) by Rosella Schillaci (ethnomusicological research Nicola Scaldaferri)

10. April 2010

Session 5. 8:30 -10:45 Interpreting Visuality

Dr. Gilles de Rapper, Anouk Durand, Aix-en-Provence/Paris: Family photographs and families of photographers: State photography and the private sphere in communist Albania

Aris Anagnostopoulos, Southampton: Cretan Postcards and Reality

Andreas Hemming, Halle: Exhibiting Culture – Images of Albania

Session 6. 11:00 – 13:15 Linking sound, emotions and the Past in SEE

Yves Defrance, Rennes: The construction of identity in Corsica and Bulgaria in the light of ethnomusicological research

Eckehard Pistrick, Halle: Weeping or Dancing? – Remembering Migration and Ethnomusicology in South Albanian villages

Eran Livni, Bloomington: Why Was Iordan Not Interested in Pictures of Dancing Gypsies? – Bulgarian Popfolk Music in the Discourse of Modern Europe

For information and pre-registration, please contact:

Eckehard Pistrick: eckehard.pistrick [at] musikwiss.uni-halle.de


Andreas Hemming: andreas.hemming [at] musikwiss.uni-halle.de

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