22 Mar, 2009

Ernesto Cavour: El Charango. Su vida, costumbre y desaventuras

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Everybody interested in andean music will be most grateful for the generous contribution that made the charango-master Ernesto Cavour Aramayo to his pupils and audience. He published his extensive book “El Charango. Su vida, costumbres y desaventuras” in the internet. [see here]

On almost 400 pages he covers all aspects of the musical instrument charango: explaining the different types existing, talking about its tunings, its history, how to construct an instrument and finally mentioning the most popular interpretes from all over the world.

The website also gives access to one of Cavours Charango Methods first published in 1962. 

For sure this step must have had a sweet and bitter taste for the owner of the only museum of bolivian musical instruments in La Paz, because Ernesto Cavour knows that piracy is going to copy his works anyway. And everybody who wishes to obtain an original copy and contribute to the auther is going to achieve his book in any respectable bookstore in Latin America.

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