24 Jan, 2009

DISMARC – A digital music archive catalog

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In which library can I find the book I´m looking for? The answer usually can be found quickly by using the digital library catalog OPAC. But when I ask, in which archive can I find recordings of maori music from New Zealand, I even don´t have a database to search for. But only until recently …

Supported by the European Commission the DISMARC project has opened up the way towards a digital music archive catalog, uniting more than 40 european institutions and music archives within archives of radio stations, museums and universities. 


Von Rezensionen

Let´s set an example: I´m looking for music from tanzania

First I open the site dismarc.org. Here I will find two templates, that offer me two different designs calles „DISMARC“ and „Archive“. This option I actually found a bit confusing, I understand it as a suggestion for the user, that can choose between the two designs. The search result will be the same.

I go on working with the template „Archives“ held in a office-design. 

On the table I find a phonograph leading to a playlist. With a bell I can open a site that provides information about the project. A click on the globe forwards me to the map of the world – the music delta. The table itself has drawers. Here I can select between 20 languages, in which the archive is running. In the filing cabinet to the left I can type in my searching details.

Typing in only the word „tanzania“ the archive reveals it´s huge content and wide approach, offering a big variety of musical styles connected with the word „tanzania“. 

Next I add the option „Items with Audio Samples“, that filters the entries including audio samples. The archive reveals, that the EMEM (Ethnomusicology, Media-Technology and Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv) has fieldrecordings from tanzania. 

One of the recordings I find helpfull, so I put it in my basket. This step allowes me to send an email to the EMEM to express my interest in this recording. Now I could obtain a copy of the recording provided by the archive at a cost.


Von Rezensionen

On a digital world map you can explore ethnographic recordings of music from many parts of the world. The examples have a duration of 30 seconds and are provided by the Berlin Phonogramm-Archive.

The DISMARC project is to be considered as still in process. The support of the „e-content plus“ programme of the european commission has ended. What is necesary now is further financial support and a fixed team of archivists and musicologists to take care of the database and to let it grow. A position for public relations would be of great importance as well.



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