09 Jan, 2009

“HIDDEN VOICES” – Concert Tour Albanian Music

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19. – 26. März 2009 (Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic)

The concert tour “hidden voices” borrowes its name from Eckehard Pistrick´s fictional travel diary to the Epirus mountains. It brings together Albanian Diaspora Singer Elina Duni and Band, the multipart group “Jonianet” from Saranda, Arjan Shumbulli’s Saze Ensemble and the Albanian poet Gerda Dalipaj in a unique concert tour through Germany, Netherlands and the Czech Republic.


Von Albanische Musik


Traditional Albanian Music remains even in the age of Multimedia based on oral tradition, transmission and improvisation. In the broken verses of young poet Gerda Dalipaj the boundaries between ethnology, poetry and music become blurred. Comparable to medieval troubadours the singers of the South Albanian multipart group “Jonianet” recall the old times, emotions and their longings.

Critically acclaimed Ethno-Jazz singer Elina Duni searches for the essence of these folk melodies complimented by new Jazz-coloured perspectives. The traditional clarinet ensemble Saze, reminder of the Ottoman heritage, finally adds to these diverse perspectives on Albanian Music the dynamics of a captivating instrumental wedding music.

Welcome to a tightrope walk between past and future of Albanian Music, a fascinating musical microcosm which was declared an Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005! (EP)

T O U R :

19. März 2009, 19:30 Uhr, Kulturforum FÜRTH, Germany

20. März 2009, 20:30 Uhr, RASA Cultural Center, UTRECHT, Netherlands

21. März 2009, 19:00 Uhr, Schloss GOSECK, Germany (Albanian Dinner)

25. März 2009, Lecture on Albanian Music and Concert, University OLOMOUC, Czech Republic

26. März 2009, Kostel Sv. Simona a Judy, Prague, Czech Republic

Festival coordination: Eckehard Pistrick

Foto: Rhapsode Kico Kapedani mit seinen Sängern aus Saranda und Delvina, Eckehard Pistrick.

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