10 May, 2016

TINYA Mixtape: Jew´s Harp

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am 14. Mai 2016, 10:00 – 11:00, Radio CORAX

1. AIRTISTS: Simchaos
2. STILLER HAS: Gruusig
3. THE CLASH: Guns of Brixton; (1979) Album: London Calling
4. LEONARD COHEN: Tonight will be fine; Album: Songs From a Room (1969)
5. LEONARD COHEN: Is This What You Wanted; Album: New Skin For The Old Ceremony (1974)
6. JOANNA NEWSOM: Emily; Album: Ys (2006)
7. ENNIO MORRICONE: For a few Dollars more
9. HARVEY MATUSOW´s Jew’s Harp Band: Afghan Red; Album: War Between Fats and Thins (1969)
10. JOHN ZORN: Mystic Circles; Album: The Dreamers (2008)
11. Johann Georg ALBRECHTSBERGER: Maultrommelkonzerte, Concertino In Eb A Cinque Stromenti, Moderato; Interpreten: Albin Paulus (maultrommel); Pietro Prosser (mandora); Roberto Sensi: Piccolo Concerto Wien (2003)
12. DANIEL HIGGS. Album: Magic Alphabeth (2003)

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